TCHTY is the story of one person’s determination to get himself sectioned.




Most patients want to get out of the hospital. Mr. Zabritski wants to get in. He employs various disguises in this inventive pursuit of psychiatric help, but all his attempts to get past Lauren, the hawkish receptionist at the local mental health centre, fall on deaf ears. Worn out by the “computer says no” bureaucracy, Mr. Zabritski is forced to employ drastic measures that will ultimately affect them both.


This Could Happen to ?You is inspired by the current mental health crisis. 1 in 4 of us suffer from a mental health issue, but only a few will be seen by a specialist. From the moment one seeks referral to the initial psychiatric evaluation, several months or years will pass. Due to the NHS cuts, patients are increasingly deprived of mental health services. Treatment might commence after a severe delay or not at all, and a lot of prospective patients decide not to pursue psychiatric help further. The only way to receive immediate treatment is to get yourself sectioned. This is a story of one such attempt.




TCHTY conjured itself up, I was only marking its trajectory. Mr. Zabritski did not need to be invented, somehow he inserted himself on a page and took me hostage.

Mr. Zabritski is a flamboyant, eccentric English gentleman, melancholic and cheerful all at once. He explodes forcefully onto the screen and keeps the viewer engaged till the end, as does his nemesis Lauren; a miserable, chameleon-like Gothic receptionist whose demeanour is so unperturbed, so distant, she might as well be a robot. The comedy elements are born out of their (mis)communication, in the attempts to assert themselves on each other. Dramatic elements are drawn from the same well. TCHTY is like a verbose pugilistic session, with the background of a mental health centre servinG as a boxing ring.


Shot in 4K, TCHTY offers the best in picture quality. Every step in its production is executed with a critical audience in mind; from the skilful acting, costume and set design to editing. I wanted to have a versatile product, comfortable on a cinematic or a computer screen, visually beautiful and musically interesting. This Could Happen to ?You exceeds in the field of short film genre. It carries in itself an important message without being prescriptive and is memorable and extraordinarily entertaining.